International Hyperpolarization Conference

University of Leipzig

24–28 September 2023

Abstracts & Programme




The call for abstracts is closed now. Thank you for your numerous and interesting contributions!


If your presentation was not confirmed by your registration and payment before 30th June 2023, the presentation is not included in the program, neither as talk nor as a round table contribution.


Extended deadline for abstract submission was 30th June 2023. Every author can present only one single contribution.

We use 2 different systems at the conference that look similar, but each serves a different purpose.

System 1 was for abstract submission and serves now for insight into Round Tables (RT).

System 2 is for conference registration.

This is where you register bindingly for the conference and choose your payment method. This is where you will find all your bookings and invoices. Click here to register for the conference.


For which formats was I allowed submit my abstract?

You could submit your abstract for a talk or for a round table (RT) presentation (please see below). Each talk will have a timeslot of 20 minutes including discussion. (Posters are not foreseen.)


What are round tables (RT)?

There will be round table sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Each round table will consist of a 5 minutes presentation (typ. 5 ppt slides), followed by a 12 minutes discussion with a public of maximum 11 participants led by a moderator (selected amongst the participants). The overall duration will be 17 minutes. After what 3 minutes will be available to change room when needed.


Conference topics

1. General theory

2. General Instrumentation

3. Applications


5. Optical pumping & SEOP

6. CIDNP and ONP (incl NV centers)

7. Triplet DNP


9. Dissolution/Melt DNP

10. Liquid DNP

11. Relaxation

12. Transport of hyperpolarization

13. Other hyperpolarization methods


 Insight into round tables